MeadCo's (free subset) ScriptX :: Batch Printing Reports Using (Modal) Window

In this sample, a set of reports are printed. Each report is generated at the server (an ASP page) and delivered back to the browser within a new (modal dialog) window. The delivered document includes the ScriptX object, and a scripted window.onload handler which calls the ScriptX printing methods to configure printing and print the window. At the conclusion of printing, the window is closed.

Note a neat trick here (from one of our customers); the javascript loop to request prints uses showModalDialog to open the document for printing, the loop will wait while the dialog is open. The script on the printed document closes the window once it has completed printing and hence the loop driving the printing waits while the document is printed. However, since the dialog is modal, printing cannot be cancelled and the user is forced to wait until all the prints are completed.

This sample does not work very well over the Internet because the print dialog will be displayed for each report - this will not occur within an intranet.

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