MeadCo's ScriptX :: Printing HTML Documents or Reports Using New Window

In this sample, the form action is set to a new target and the form data posted.

The customised report is generated at the server (an ASP page) and delivered back to the new browser window (form target). The delivered document includes the ScriptX object, and a scripted window.onload handler which calls the ScriptX printing methods to print the window.

Customise the report....

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Use licensed features.

Why use licensed features, and what licensed features?

Without licensing, the print dialog will be shown and we do not know when the print is finished spooling to the printer, and hence when it would be safe to close this window with script. Try printing the report without checking the 'Use licensed features' option - the IE print dialog will appear, after being accepted a 'Printing has completed' message box will appear straight away and it would be unsafe to close this window via script since the report may still be printing.

You don't need a license. For example, in an Intranet environment, the print dialog will not appear and if you know that all your reports are printed within 30 seconds or are of very few pages, a simple wait can be implemented in script.

However with licensed printing, you can guarantee that the print dialog will not appear and can also wait for the minimum amount of time required for the report to spool and guarantee that it is safe to close the window.